Wednesday 9 November 2011

Cyberbarn - Opened by Jeremy Hunt!

We've had to keep a little quiet about this for the last three days, but the Cyberbarn has now been officially opened, from a distance, by Jeremy Hunt, Minister of Culture, Media and Sport.  We hope Warcop might make the Herald this weekend, but meanwhile, it's definitely here on Cumbria Crack and also on 5tth with the videos of the Minister and Lindsey.

As ever, the Minister's schedule had been squished into a nanosecond before he had to move on to Carlisle to celebrate the Olympics and sport, which was his true motivation for the visit to the region. Warcop Cyberbarn has, at least, been recognised by Westminster during this visit, and for that we have to thank Rory Stewart for bringing the Minister to meet East Cumbria Community Broadband Forum, which represents 26 parishes.

Just to reiterate - the Cyberbarn is open Mon, Wed, Fri, 1-7pm. Each visit you make, even if just for a coffee, helps. And we really want you to understand what you can do with technology. It might be a security solution, such as CCTv. It could be in reducing your fuel bills. It could be overcoming the hurdles of uploading videos, removing red eye from digital photos, or how to input that cow passport.

Whatever it is, drop in and give it a go! And tell others to call in too.

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