Monday, 13 June 2011

Warcop Parish Council



John Heron
Brooklyn, Warcop

Gordon Deighton
Orchard Farm, Bleatarn

Lindsey Annison
Croft House, Warcop

Jeffrey Evans
Ghyll Bank, Warcop Tower Court, Warcop

Jane Donaldson-Allen, Flitholme

Monday, 6 June 2011

Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan

As one of the Big Society vanguard areas, and in tandem with the Localism bill, Upper Eden has to develop planning policies for a Neighbourhood Plan for the area. All Parish Councils and residents are being asked to respond.

Broadly, these cover:

• Housing that is affordable and suitable for local people in rural areas
• Housing on farms and for rural businesses
• Housing for the elderly
• Housing densities that are suitable for the area
• Helping to deliver Broadband Internet Access through planning policy
• Monitoring and managing development to prevent over-development

Warcop is being asked to respond and we are therefore asking everyone with an interest in housing and broadband, now and in the future, to take a moment to read the attached documents and respond via the Parish Council or on this website.

Thank you

Parish Letter PDF to download

Issues and Consultation PDF to download

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Parish Council Agenda - 6th June

7.30pm Village Hall


1) Apologies for absence
2) Minutes of the last meeting to be approved
3) Matters arising
4) Public Session
5) Travellers
6) Finance
a) To consider payments
7) Appointment of Highways Representative
8) Co-option of Parish Councillor
9) Report back from Meetings Attended
10) Community Issues
a) Permissive Footpath update
b) Parish Land
c) Planning
11) Correspondence
12) Councillors Reports and items for future agenda
13) Date & Time of next meeting

Please note the public session will be approximately 5-10 minutes only.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Appleby Fair and Warcop Public Meeting

A public meeting about Warcop and Sandford's arrangements for next year's Fair will be called by the Parish Council after a debrief with the police and other agencies about this year's event.

If anyone has any feedback, comments or issues to raise, please contact a Parish Councillor so that everything can be included in our report.

Parish Council Meeting 6th June

The next Parish Council meeting will be next Monday, 6th June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

We are still looking for residents in Sandford and Coupland Beck to be co-opted onto the Parish Council to provide representation for all areas of the Parish. It is important that the whole Parish has voices on the Parish Council if decisions are to be made which are best for the Parish.

Please contact any of the Parish Councillors if you would be interested and/or attend the meeting next Monday.

Festival of Warcop Life

The Festival of Warcop Life will be held in the Methodist Chapel on 2nd and 3rd July and will feature exhibitions by the groups active in the area.

Saturday 10am - 4pm and Sunday 12pm - 4pm.

Come and see what is going on in our Parish, meet those involved, contribute by getting involved, and enjoy the cream teas offered! Donations will be in aid of Warcop Methodist Chapel and the Air Ambulance.