Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reports from meetings, events etc

Please do use this website to share reports from meetings, dates for upcoming events, news about village activities and committees, fund raising efforts and any other interesting snippets about Warcop life.

We would like to create a calendar of events so that the many people who are giving freely of their time and energy to make Warcop a thriving village are fully supported.  Please let us know of any dates, times, venue for any event during 2012 so this calendar can become a useful resource. Thanks.

Grants for Warcop

As we enter the new year, and despite the economic environment and cuts, there are many new grants available to this area and for projects which could be run here. However, in order to access these grants in a manner most likely to assist Warcop and Upper Eden projects, it is essential that the many committees and organisations are aware of who else in the area is applying so as not to jeopardise other applications. (We had a little communication problem with this for Village SOS when two Warcop projects applied but only one application could be accepted ....)

So, perhaps those looking to do projects in Warcop and the surrounding area could use this website to post intentions of grant applications or ideas about possible projects? This will prevent duplication, give an opportunity for projects to join up and/or work together, as well as having the additional benefit that more people will know and understand what is going on and may like to get involved in some of the projects in this village and Parish, as well as in the wider Upper Eden area.

To start the ball rolling, Cyberbarn is actively seeking further grant funding to cover revenue costs (wages), for crime prevention and CCTV equipment to sell to farms and properties in the area, for young people's activities including smartphone app development, digital entrepreneurship and start-ups, and for the 5-11 age group (currently being trialled with Appleby Nursery). We are also considering a possible relocation of  the Cyberbarn into the village to encourage more people to use it - open currently at Cote House Farm, Bleatarn, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1-7pm (weather and volunteer availability permitting).

On this last proposal, Cyberbarn would welcome thoughts from the village about moving the Portakabin into the village - where? It would be ideal if the Cyberbarn could act as the home for the Village IT Suite until the new village hall is built, when the equipment could be transferred to the village hall to kickstart the cybercafe.  All thoughts on the pros and cons would be appreciated.

(If you are having problems leaving a comment on the blog, just open a Google account, which will also allow you to use Google docs, Gmail, Picasa, Google +, Google search, Youtube and the rest of Google's multiple services - all under one username and password.)