The Cyberbarn is now open at Cote House Farm - between Warcop and Bleatarn - from 1-7pm on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

We offer free online basic courses from UK Online covering how to use a mouse, keyboard, send an email, stay safe online, search the Internet, and use e-government websites eg  DVLA, Passport Office etc.

We also offer bespoke courses and services to help you master the skills you need on your laptop, computer or mobile phone and solve problems online. Did you know you could learn a new skill in literally just a few minutes? For example, how to:

  • save money by finding best value deals e.g for insurance, broadband, electricity, oil or find the cheapest offer on any item you want to buy  
  • edit and upload your videos to Youtube
  • buy and sell on Ebay
  • make free phone and video calls to anywhere in the world
  • market your website and business online with search engine optimisation, social media marketing etc
  • design posters, fliers with desk top publishing
  • look for work online or find career advice
  • build a website or blog
  • get your laptop fixed by our IT Doctor
  • master social media eg Facebook and Twitter
  • use our colour printer
  • enjoy our fast broadband which is better than 95% of the village
  • and much, much more!
Our Social Media Surgeries, held the first Wednesday of each month are a great opportunity to come and meet up with others and learn together how to get the most from the Internet and your computer. And drink our great coffee and have a natter!

We also offer advice on all aspects of broadband and internet connectivity - satellite, mobile, wireless, DSL and fibre - so you get the best value connection at your home or business.

Community networks are springing up all over the country to provide connectivity in rural areas where the major telcos such as BT and Virgin cannot see an economic case, and Cyberbarn is fast becoming a meeting place to discuss and solve all aspects of rural broadband eg mapping, technical options, business planning, community engagement, funding, fibre optic fusion courses, wireless etc.   

We shall shortly be offering digital conversion of videos and LPs so bring your treasured memories and music up to get digital copies. 

Hotdesks available from £2/hr.

And did we say that we have great coffee and that visitors who bring cake will be welcomed with open arms?!

Volunteers to help run this community project will be more than welcome. Even an hour or two a week could help to get someone else online or teach new IT skills. Please drop in and offer your help.