Sunday, 2 October 2011

White Saxo

There is a white Saxo that is being driven around the village at all hours, inappropriately.

It has been reported to us over the last few weeks on several occasions, and we have now been asked to mention here that the number plate is on record.

The number of complaints against this driver (who is, we understand, from Penrith) will shortly mean that a tug from the police is highly likely. #justsaying


  1. I'll try again.
    The driver of this car (Steve) works at Warcop camp (in the kitchens? - presumably employed by Landmarc)
    He was sent to prison earlier this year for a particularly vicious attack on his ex-girlfriend at their home in Brough. On his release he has gone back to work - presumably without the Army ever finding out about his conviction, as they're fairly sensitive about employing jailbirds.
    He roars around the village in his little car - which is uninsured - whilst high on various drugs. His latest girlfriend is Katie Bousfield - although her family recently moved from the village to Barnard Castle, so quite what the draw is in the village is anyones guess.
    He has attempted on a couple of occasions to use his car to run down Katies ex boyfriend, our friendly village drugs dealer, ne'erdowell and runt of the litter Dean.
    Steve thinks it is amusing to terrorise Dean with his attempts - and indeed it is quite funny. Oh that drugged up Steve limited his activities to murdering drugged up Dean - we'd all be happy, but we know that their foolish activities will in the end hurt an innocent from the village.
    So be careful everyone. If anyone sees the car, please report the matter to the Police

  2. ... Oh and I'm talking about the driver of a small very pale green car - could be mistaken in some lights for white - but I think it's a citroen. It would be unusual to have two maniacs driving around the village in such similar cars wouldn't it? (although, thinking about it, we do have the other maniac who roars through the village in the little black corsa so two maniacal citroen drivers might not be as unusual as first imagined...)