Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Cyberbarn news

The purchase of the portakabin to go in the Cyberbarn was completed today and it will arrive on Thursday. All the funding for fitting it out with ICT equipment, desks, chairs, greenscreen video software etc is already in the bank, and we hope to have the doors open for Get Online week at the end of October, beginning of November. (Note to burglars - no equipment of any value will EVER be kept in the Cyberbarn overnight).

Everyone is welcome to come and learn how to get online, to enjoy access to the UK Online courses -beginners to advanced, to ask questions about using your computer, laptop, smartphone or any other device, and to tell/ask us what you would like to know about ICT. Whether it is how to remove red eyes from a digital photo, upload a Youtube video, or customise your computer so it glows in the dark - come and ask!

There are currently problems with Cumbria County Council and CLEO (now run by BT) in getting a superfast broadband connection from the school to the Barn, but as there is no logical reason for any hurdles being placed in the way of Warcop's Online Learning Centre being connected, we are now escalating this to the Prime Minister, associated Govt departments, UK Online, Cumbria County Councillors, and the press, to ensure that common sense is applied to make something extremely simple happen in Warcop.

The Cyberbarn is a Big Society initiative and obstructive public and private sector players are precisely those that such projects have been encouraged to displace to see forward motion in rural areas such as ours. Especially when the community and many organisations have already shown support for this project, and others directly associated with it, to make miracles happen now and in the future in our village.

Videos, photos etc will shortly be posted of the Cyberbarn set up and we look forward to welcoming you there. We will be arranging visits to the Cyberbarn for all residents, young and old, over the coming weeks so please do not be shy in asking for a lift up to visit us if you don't fancy the stroll.

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