Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chamley Arms Now Open.

The Chamley Arms re-opened a while ago but the phone line is still down due to renovations.

Now open for food also, details and to book by email, please visit


Apparently the Chamley Arms is no longer serving meals, just a few snacks and the dining room is closed currently.

If anyone knows anything different, please comment to update everyone.


  1. But for how long is the Chamley goping to be open? Well - John Frankland (speculator, property developer, but not sadly the inventor of the contact lens - that was done by Leonardo da Vinci in 1508, unless John is much much older than he looks) has no money to put IN TO the project, Phil Pooper has finally run out of cash, Darren the landlord and Chef (although that will be the subject of a Warcop Oracle review when I have time - don't hold your breath Darren, it's not good) is rapidly losing interest. The latest planning permission has been submitted but not supported by the correct fee...
    It all tells me that the money has run out. Seeing as how the much touted Wroxham brewery tap failed to appear, could it be that the present team have, after all, simply been trying to make a quick buck from the good boozers of Warcop? £600 per night was mentioned and untold thousands at a weekend when the squaddies were in!!!
    With no more money to throw at the project maybe we should look out for that old insurance scam - the staged Burglary... wait... what happened at 3am yesterday?...

  2. after huors of trying to post a comment on this site i have finally succeded,
    Warcop Oracle you need to make yourself known if you want fact come see me or Daz at the chamley, i am arranging a visit with EDC ref the planning but seems you Know more that is going on than me I will be having this out in the meeting because i was only aware of a problem after you posted your blog, someone in the council is passing infomation that is not correct and i will get to the bottom of it.
    You need to be very careful what you aer saying unless you have factual infomation look forward to you revealing yourself
    Phil Pepper