Sunday, 25 September 2011

Warcop Fuel Buying Group - action required

Rural residents are being urged to set up fuel buying groups and this has already been proposed in Warcop by Julie Bayley. However, we need to act now to get the best prices before winter arrives.

There is a very good document and information about Oil Buying Groups on the Rural Services Network.

It is likely that there are already people in our community keeping a close eye on prices who can advise the best time to buy, as well as having established relationships with suppliers which may improve the discounts. 

Every penny saved will help all of us who rely on heating oil, so the sooner we begin to buy in bulk, the better!

Could anyone interested in joining such a scheme please get in touch with Julie at the Old Mill? (opposite the Chamley and beneath what was Dowson's Electrical workshop) Tel: 42875.

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