Wednesday, 12 October 2011

This Blog, the Parish and the police

This website was set up in order to keep people informed about events and news in the parish of Warcop.

It was not set up so that people could write libellous comments, make accusations against village residents, or write malicious gossip. Accusations of wrongdoing etc should be directed through the appropriate channels viz the police.

Due to recent comments made on this blog, I have received a call (in Holland) this evening that means any information available to us as administrators of this blog, including traceable IP addresses, will be freely shared with the police investigating the Chamley Arms burglary, or any other Warcop Parish matter, as required.

On Monday last at the Parish Council meeting, we celebrated Linda, Joyce and Barbara's staggering 52 years of service to the village. Too many people have given untold hours to try very hard to keep Warcop on track over the years for any individual to be permitted to derail those efforts for this community. Both Julie and I will do our best to prevent this website being used in such a way in future.

Thank you - Lindsey and Julie


  1. The officer in charge of the burglary is PC Fairweather. More detail here

  2. Cybersavvy with your great IT skills tracing Warcop oracle should not be difficult, i look forward to speaking to them in person
    Phil Pepper
    Phil Pooper
    that is me not worried about my identity

  3. ...sounds like a challenge Phil.
    I look forward to our meeting.
    PS Cybersavvy - Libel it was not. Libel must involve an untruth. Libel must also consist of a direct accusation, not merely an allusion to. You may draw your own conclusions from what I said.
    Still, good to see Stalinist style censorship is alive and well in Warcop.
    Remember the words of Edmund Burke, "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    All the best

    Warcop Oracle

  4. Dear Phil, along with many others in the village, I would be far more interested in tracing who committed a crime, namely robbing the village pub. I understand there are new lines of enquiry to follow up now and as Mr Frankland will be in the village in the next 24 hours, the blog will be tracking him down for his views on this and other matters to do with the future of the Chamley Arms.