Friday, 9 September 2011

FibreWalk Colloquium

On Friday, 16th September, there is a FibreWalk Colloquium event. This is an informal yet informative walking 'conference', which begins at 1.30pm in Kirkby Stephen. The attendees, which include the American, Donny Smith from Minnesota, who is one of the world's leading rural broadband network builders, will be getting a Cumbria Classic Coaches bus to Warcop to begin a 1 mile walk through the village.

We will be looking at and discussing all the issues surrounding rural broadband, in particular when laying fibre optics through rural villages and countryside. Cumbria has £17.1M (shortly to increase to £23M) to spend on resolving this problem, and Warcop is taking up the challenge to be one of the first parishes to do so.

Villagers are welcome to join us. We know it will be muddy. We know it will probably rain. But we hope that by understanding some of the issues, the parishioners of Warcop will begin to see how this village can achieve the seeming impossible where the telcos are failing, and put in a telecommunications infrastructure fit for the next generations.

"Do it once and do it right" is the aim.

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