Wednesday, 1 February 2012

We could raise £9000 by end of March.....find out how

Cyberbarn needs just 30 minutes of your time. Whether you have ever used a computer or not, you can help us to make the most of a one-off opportunity to access a considerable sum of grant funding for Warcop and Sandford projects. But you MUST visit Cyberbarn before the end of March, and the sooner the better so we will know how many more people we need to persuade to come and enjoy our coffee and broadband before the deadline.

This is a funding pot that will NOT be repeated and if we miss the chance to access this money, it will be more fool us. All of us. All it needs is for as many residents of this parish as possible to drop in for a mere 30 minutes. Bring your own laptop if you would like, or your iPad or Kindle, and check your emails, download a few ebooks, or update your software whilst you are here.  

The catch? We are asking everyone to complete a simple Online Basics course, which takes around half an hour. That's all you need to do, and the courses are useful to anyone wanting to use the Internet more effectively. If you are an experienced computer user, please come and do the course anyway - you never know what you might learn, and bring a newbie so you can share your experience.

 We do ask for a small donation of at least £2/hour to cover the heat, light and keep the coffee machine topped up, but considering what your visit could release for this Parish, it is a small price to pay to help other projects in Warcop and Sandford get under way.

All ages and abilities welcome, as well as people from outside Warcop, Eden, Cumbria or even UK! We recently had a visitor from the Brecon Beacons who had driven all the way from Wales to visit Cyberbarn, and have also had visitors from as far afield as Texas, North Carolina, Italy and Bosnia in the last month alone due to our online publicity and widespread interest in the project.

We are happy to answer and hopefully solve any IT questions or problems you may have.

Please help as this is a considerable sum of money which could be used to very good effect in this Parish. It is almost equivalent to 2 year's parish precept and we have only 2 months to reach the target by getting as many people through the door as possible. Please tell others who may not read the blog and let's start Spring with a fab sum of money in the village coffers.

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  1. what a brilliant idea! Good luck to you all, a couple of quid for such a resource is well cheap, and the free advice has to be worth shedloads.