Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Insulating your home

Libby Bateman  & UECP have been encouraging everyone to insulate their homes and also as part of the Eden Insulate project in Warcop and the surrounding area in the last week or so, carrying out in depth surveys of properties.

So saw this on a Money saving website & thought it might be of interest  to everyone -

Big energy providers have 'Carbon Emission Reduction Targets'. They must pump money into making homes more efficient, especially for 'tough to reach' groups. If they miss targets, they get big fines. So they're desperately pushing cash out there. Why not take advantage?
  • free insulationEveryone's eligible for up to £300 of free installation. Cavity wall and loft insulation can slice £100s off annual energy bills. Right now, up to £300-worth is being doled out to anyone by energy companies - even if you're not their customer. Anyone can apply, but you do need a suitable property. See the Free Insulation guide for a full list.
  • Recommend someone elderly / on benefits - get £50 EACH. British Gas's now offering £50 if you refer an elderly person on pension credit, or anyone else on qualifying benefits, to get free insulation. Neither of you need to be British Gas customers, and you'll both get £50. See British Gas £50 referral info.
  • Free insulation PLUS 10,000 Tesco points if on certain benefits. Tesco's giving 10,000 (5,000 for loft + 5,000 for cavity wall) points to anyone getting insulation if they're on qualifying benefits. While 10,000 is worth £100 redeemed in store, it can be worth up to £400 on Tesco Rewards. Alternatively, Eon's offering anyone on qualifying benefits £100 cash for getting free insulation. Full details in Get paid for free insulation


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