Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Where's the fire?!

Spotted on a summer's day in July as we were rushing to Penrith. Sadly, there simply was not time to discover all the details of this vehicle and what is needed is another visit to conduct an interview with the owner at Woodbine Cottage.

Maybe someone else would like to take the opportunity to ask a few questions of a neighbour? It would help if others in the village became involved in the website as we continue to ramp up community activities. And you never know what you might learn!

Here are a few of the questions we would ask:

What make, model and year is the vehicle?
How did it come into the owner's possession?
What is its history?
What other vehicles are owned?
How long has the owner lived in Warcop?
Where did the family live previously?
Why Warcop?
Any thoughts about the village you would care to share?

And please, if you would like to interview people around the village, we have a digital recorder, digital cameras, paper, pens, and much more we are willing to lend to discover a few snippets about the fascinating people of Warcop... please volunteer to help build a community website we can all value.

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