Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Chamley Arms

It is difficult to ignore the ongoing works in the pub. We have therefore, as Friends of Warcop Pub, sought expert legal advice on behalf of the village, as we were mandated to do by the village.

The Pub 'tab' is back. We will update you via that page as is appropriate.

Comments will be left open and unmoderated, as we feel it is a valuable mechanism for expression of open views by any visitor to the website. Please be aware therefore that your opinions can be read and recorded by ANYONE. A full record of all dialogue via this website to date is available from the Parish Council.


  1. Received in my inbox but posted here. Must be a problem with the blog, I'll look into it.

    i think it is about time you cam and had a discussion with myself and i will fill you in with factual information.
    as you have not step foot in the Chamley or taken up my many offers of taking a look around and making a true judgment of what is happening, i think you are not in a position to comment.
    As you will know EDC enforcement officer has called upon us Three times now and is satisfied we are doing nothing wrong in fact i have email from EDC asking you to respond to the last letter you sent in on behalf of FOWP to which you decided not to reply as you had all the facts wrong.
    As to the development we are currently in talks with EDC and plans will be submitted very shortly after we have consulted with all our regular customers and people that have shown a genuine interest to developed the Chamley arms as a thriving community business.
    As to the development
    We will publish on our website very shortly before submitting plans so people in Warcop can have their say on the new Chamley arms.
    I will clarify on your site though that the intention is for
    1, A four bedroomed house for Mandy and Myself
    2, Two holiday let,(bed and breakfast) tied to the pub with new dining room kitchen and toilet facility making a bigger and better community meeting place.
    3, digging out the back garden were to access burst water main and sewer pipe that were creating the damp that you only knew too well when you actually did use the pub.
    4, there is no commercial kitchen in the Chamley arms
    5, I have no intention of asset stripping the Chamley arms but negative comments and non-factual evidence will only delay it being a place for the Warcop community to enjoy.
    6, Mandy and myself hope to be active members of Warcop community for many years to come.

  2. Dear Phil

    Do you own the Chamley Arms?

  3. Lindsay,
    how much do you have in your bank account.

    The question of ownership is of no concern to you or anyone else, what is important is the Chamley arms is becoming a better place for the comunity, i have a vested interest in the Chamley Arms and the business dealings i have agreed with Mr frankland and myself have nothing to do with anyone else.
    The chamley arms will be a bigger better place when we get aproval for developement and not the sad empty building it was four months ago.
    Mandy and myself have always liked the Chamley to the extent i tried to Help Nuala But her problems were too deep she did not want to share
    them with anyone.
    I have a special place for Nuala in my heart and she had a lot of fond memories of Warcop and trust me if she could of stayed and fought her corner she would of done.
    So all i ask you now is to work with the Chamley and it will become a better place for all or work against us and it will just stay as you put it,One tap room and living accommodation for myself as i will no longer put money into a developement that people dont want.
    So to close since we opened we have asked for feedback on our plans and all up to press have been positive, if you wish to meet me and discuss your thoughts then let me know.

  4. Lindsay,
    i am not the best person when it comes to internet,but if you want to meet me i will give you a copy of the planned developement so you can place it on your blog for everyone to comment as we will not be submitting it for at least three weeks.
    As i told the council meeting i want to work with the village and be open and honest about the future of the Chamley arms.

  5. Phil

    Please state a time next weekend when FOWP members can come and see the plans and developments and talk to you, preferably not in the public bar.

    Openness and honesty is what is required by all, and the lack of communication about the true future of the pub needs to stop, especially if the Chamley Arms is to, once again after a lengthy break, enjoy the support of people who have been patronising that pub for generations, as well as newcomers and visitors to the village.

    Based on research that has been done into the Blue Boar, The Weavers Arms, the Black Lion, the Foresters Arms, the Brewery Tap, etc, plus rumours doing the rounds in Upper Eden about what you personally have been overheard saying in public, Warcop residents and people who care about the Chamley would seem to have good reason to be concerned about its future as the community pub it has the potential to be without any new build or conversion.

    A meeting with FOWP would give you an opportunity to address those concerns with some of the people who are willing to stand up for the Chamley Arms in public.

  6. Lindsay,
    you can arrange meeting any time,
    the drawings will not be ready for two weeks as my architect is away on holiday.
    you will need to let me know how many FOWP there is likley to be so i can arrange a suitable room.
    lets put a date on the diary for Friday 29th of July at 6.00PM at the chamley,this will give you enough time to rally your troops.
    I do have the drawings for the what i hope to be my house and they are behind the bar and can be collected any time you like so you can scan it and place it on your site but please return the drawings.
    look forward to meeting you all and we can put all these roumors to bed and get on with making the chamley the place people want to be,