Thursday, 5 May 2011

IT Club and T'interweb

There are substantial plans afoot across Cumbria to try to deliver broadband to the Final Third First. The Final Third is that 35%+ of the country's population in which the telecom companies are unwilling to invest and who are likely to be left behind on the wrong side of the Digital Divide on very slow connections.

However, all is not lost! Cumbria has been chosen as one of 4 rural broadband pilots (the others are North Yorkshire, Highlands and Islands, and Herefordshire) in line to receive approx £10million each for Better Broadband. 

So, we need to know what people use the Internet for, what broadband you would like here, and also to help everyone who chooses to get access to the information available online. 

We also know there are a few digitally reluctant people about! So, we would also like to start an informal IT club in the village hall, which already has a wireless connection from the previous broadband project 7 years ago. If you would be interested in: 
  • learning what computers can do 
  • playing with an iPad, iPhone or the latest digital technology
  • discovering how to make free phone calls to your friends and family across the world
  • removing the red eye from your digital photos and learning about digital cameras
  • finding out what the fuss is over Twitter and Facebook
  • scanning your precious photos
  • or even doing a mail merge for your Christmas card envelopes
 you will be more than welcome to come along. Details to be announced shortly.

This is another great way to support and use our village hall, and to get out and meet others in Warcop who may be new here, or isolated, or just plain confused about these new-fangled computers and their benefits! All ages more than welcome - it's amazing what the kids learn from the older generation at these events.

And if you are reading this online, and know you have a neighbour who cannot access the Net, please print out a copy and put it through the door.

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