Sunday, 1 May 2011

Congratulations to the village

Driving past the Chamley Arms on this gorgeous spring evening, it would seem that all the work everyone in the village has done to ensure the refusal of the planning applications for 2/3 residential conversion has been worth it. People are sitting outside in the sun drinking and talking, and include many who have not seen each other for months.

It is only because those plans were refused that the pub is open tonight, under new management/tenancy, brightened up, and welcoming. The village knew that all the pub required was a little TLC and some vision of the potential that particular building holds to serve this community's needs. The Planning Inspector realised this too. Now the village can enjoy the benefits.

Speculative development of community assets in villages such as Warcop will not be permitted under the new Localism Bill and it seems Warcop has bucked the trend by preventing it before the Bill is made law.

Well done, Warcop. And thanks to all those within and for FOWP (who have not been forced to stick their heads above the parapet!) and who have helped behind the scenes for the last 20+ months to ensure that the Chamley could open its doors again with a warm welcome for villagers and as a venue for food, beer, village events, etc. Much needed B&B accommodation next, we hope...



  1. FOWP had nothing to do with what has happened at the chamley, and future developement is in progress.everyone has commented on how nice it is and I an confident future developement will have the backing of those that use it.
    It is time now to close this site(ref Chamley Arms ) and get correct infomation on the new comunity site
    Phil and Mandy

  2. please for the record could you publish your membership numbers as i am confused as to how many people really care about your blog.

  3. also please look at my responce and answers that lindsay asked

  4. @ Phil Pepper, had it not been for the work of villagers, past and present, to oppose those planning applications, you would not be where you are now.

    There are over 50 letters of objection in the folders in Mansion House. Are you really implying that none of the time and energy spent on writing those letters by Warcopians is worthy of (your) notice? Or perhaps a modicum of gratitude for the situation you now find yourself in courtesy of that work by so many people in and from Warcop?

    FOWP were given a mandate by the village (following a public vote at a public meeting held in the Chamley Arms) to act on behalf of the village. That public meeting was ONLY called after speaking to Nuala Chamberlain and asking for her permission to go ahead and oppose the plans, which she gave.

    FOWP acted with village support to ensure the plans were opposed, and to protect this community asset from speculative development.

    Those plans were refused, and rightly so, and the Planning Inspector's report shows that the villagers and FOWP's reasons formed an integral part of his decision.

    During the process, there were discussions, in public, about a community buy-out of the pub, to have it co-operatively owned for and by the village. Much work was done by many people to discover the feasibility of such a process here in Warcop.

    It seems that community ownership is not to be at this time and that the pub will remain a private venture, with profits going to private individuals. I'm sure no-one in Warcop has issue with that right now - it saves a great deal of work and heartache resolving a share prospectus, share issue, etc whilst we wait and see how other local pubs fare with community pub buy-outs. However, the Chamley Arms is therefore not a community pub.

    I'm sure the whole village would now like to see this discussion moved from the village blog onto the pub website, where hopefully soon comments will be equally as unmoderated and open as here.

    And as to your comment about publishing membership numbers, this is a blog. It does not have members any more than a privately owned pub does.

  5. Hi seeing as the website belongs to me and not phil and i am the landlord of the Chamley i guarantee you there will be no petty comments and stupidity on the site or in the pub.
    Everyone who has been in the pub has enjoyed a great atmosphere and cant wait for the food to start.
    I will make the chamley work and will give it my all but all comments either negative or possotive will be dealt with accordingly
    .So far there have only been possotive
    thank you all darren

  6. Phil certainly appears to have got his knickers in a twist over the FOWP!!
    I was a paying customer in the Chamley over the weekend and was bowled over by Darren, good job in difficult circumstances - it still looked like a war zone behind the bar, but Darren coped well and was never without a smile.
    As for Phil - Get over yourself mate! You're acting like a petulant child who has just thrown his teddy out of the cot! The villagers of Warcop are understandably reticent about any proposals that still involve the Franklands. As I understand it you have an undertaking from them that you will be the owner of the Chamley in three years... THREE YEARS!! Please... Remember the words of Sam Goldwyn (MGM) 'A verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on...'
    If your intentions are true, well, the best of luck to you. Remember, the FOWP stands for friends of Warcop Pub, and you will have good custom from us all... But for Christs sake, wind your neck in!

    Jeff Evans