Thursday, 13 January 2011

WANTED in Warcop - your skills!

Warcop needs you!

Have you a skill from your work experience or life experience that you could share?

Are there skills you would like to brush up on or learn? Confused by computers and I.T. or in knots with knitting? Come to the SkillSwap!

Whether it is using a computer or chain saw, making jam, crochet, running a book club, or swapping a lift to Penrith for shopping or the hospital, someone in Warcop needs to know! And you may have the skill they are looking for.

Warcop SkillSwap and Social starts in February. It will fit in with the Warcop & Sandford Exchange - taking place in the Village Halls:

Warcop 12th February
Sandford 12th March
Warcop 9th April
Warcop 11th June
Sandford 9th July
Warcop 13th August
Sandford 10th September
Warcop - 9th October
Sandford - 12th November

See you there!

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