Friday, 21 January 2011

News Update - week ending 21/01/11

Just a quick round-up at the end of another busy week.

The CEO of the Plunkett Foundation, Peter Couchman, has been in touch regarding help that the Foundation may be able to offer Warcop. Bearing in mind that one plan is to re-instate a shop in the pub, the Plunkett Foundation could offer us some very valuable help on that aspect as well as the pub itself. We have also been in touch with our local Pub is the Hub representative to update them on the current situation and move forwards with that organisation.

Next week sees several meetings, including with the Department of Communities and Local Government, and we hope to be able to report back positively from these.

As some may know, we are looking at renewable energy options for the village, including where this could make maximum use of the land and water that surround us. We may be able to access up to 3 days of free consultancy about Community options before March that would include the village working together to generate electricity as a community. This is being followed up.

There will be a FOWP meeting next week to discuss the contact with the owner of the pub and the latest developments. During this meeting, we will set the date of the public meeting about the Chamley. We hope that this public meeting will be attended by a number of organisations who can help us progress to the solution we desire.

For anyone involved in business, there is a business networking meeting next Thursday in Kirkby Stephen - Croglin, 7.30pm onwards. Presentations will be about using digital media in your business by Simon Bennett (Augill Castle) and turning business events and products into local news stories by Andrew Keogh (Westmorland Herald) There is a car going from Warcop if anyone would like to go with us - contact Lindsey or Julie via the blog or email.

The broadband developments continue apace, and we strongly recommend the Broadband Cumbria site for anyone who is interested or concerned about the problems being faced in Eden by lack of broadband.

And finally, please recommend this blog to others. And please feel free to contribute, we need more authors to post on all the different topics that affect those who live in Warcop, Bleatarn, Flitholme and Sandford.

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