Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chamley Arms Premises Licence

The plans for the pub - as presented at the Parish Council Meeting by Phil Pepper (March 2011)

The plan *appears* to be to have two flats (disabled downstairs) as holiday lets. The current dining room as a carvery is due to be closed if and when planning is permitted for the new build at the rear of the pub.

We hope the LOUNGE BAR will see plenty of new customers. Especially with the new carvery. Go eat there!! There is no need for any new build behind the pub.........

An application has been submitted to Eden District Council for a new Premises Licence by Phil Pepper and Mandy Simpson. (Ask on Camp for their references). The premises application should be displayed publicly, and at 50m intervals around any building/premises over 50 square meters - it is currently missing.  If anyone has seen the missing application(s) and can inform the rest of the village as to its content, please let us all know in the comments box below.

In the interim, EDC have been asked by FOWP for further information as to the detail of that application. You can see the bare bones of the application on the EDC website here.

(Sorry, there is no direct link as the information is protected from search engines etc, so you will need to scroll right down to the bottom of the page, click on Online Register under the Licensing Register heading, and then click on Premises Licence. Enter the Chamley Arms as the Premises name, and then click on New Application 008380. Might be worth reading the previous applications too....)

(See update: until the planning is permitted, the new TENANT (not owner) will be serving food in the lounge bar/dining room, as expected).
The plans shown at the Parish Council meeting in March are endeavouring to turn over 2/3 of the pub into residential which, unless protected by Planning Law, could be sold independently of the pub and leave Warcop with a "1 up 1 down" village pub cum Tap Room.

Do you want the Chamley Arms to operate as a Tap Room....instead as a village shop, Post Office, cafe etc?


............Which cannot operate independently into the future as a sustainable business.

Or do you want a 'puff piece' from Norfolk to be the reality for this Cumbrian village?


  1. The Licensing Authority request that any applications are displayed for 28 consecutive days. Whilst I should be honoured that the new tenant has chosen to highlight the premises licence by putting my (misspelt) name on it, the reality is that this is your chance to have your say about the application.

    The notice should have been displayed for 28 consecutive days in a public place.

  2. please get your facts right before you post them or come see us i think it is time you gave up on this wild goose chase as all we are doin is giving wot the village has asked for for years . the reality is a shop and post office wont work as the original s were shut due to lack of support plaease post this for all to see

  3. This blog has open comments, Darren, submitted in public for all to see, with no moderation.

    Doing up the bar so it is of value to the village is no more than should have been done during the last decade. The concern is what is being done with the remaining 2/3 of the pub.

    Perhaps you would care to answer some questions here?

    1) Is the plan still to convert the lounge, cellar, kitchen, toilets and garage plus the majority of the upstairs bedrooms to residential? Yes/No

    2) What will "the pub business" be for future owners when the pub comes on the market at any point in the future?


  4. I remain confused as to which facts are wrong...would you care to elucidate?


  5. i will answer both points,but remember as i said in the council meeting we at the Chamley have an open door policy(which almost everyday people pop their heads in to see the progress.)but others choose to contact the council to report we are doing things, if only these people popped in they could have a tour to see what we are doing this would save everyone wasted time and money. They have now been to visit me three times. (and are very happy with what is going on)
    piont 1
    We still plan to go ahead with the plans and are consulting with the council at the moment
    point 2
    that is nothing to do with anyone but myself and Mandy until the time comes when we wish to sell.
    further more as Mandy and Myself hope to become members of the warcop comunity very shortly it is in our interest to make the pub better than it is now and we will consult with everyone first as hopefully they will not only be our customers ,neighbours but also our friends.
    and lastly Nuala is a very good friend of ours and she did her best under very hard circumstances if only she had been given the support and enthusiasm we have been given, she perhaps would not of closed the doors. I can tell you now she was very sad to leave Warcop (but the very few and you know who you are dragged her down) she had 10 good year with lots of memories but one sad last year. Nuala we miss you that is your real friends and you have many here in Warcop.
    Phil and Mandy

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