Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Skills Share!

We're trying to get a IT skills share etc going in the village & a meeting arranged to discuss this & other matters about starting the Old Mill up.

I've been having a think about my skills to share:-
Julie's Skills to share:-
  1. Financial Planning advice including retirement, investments, mortgage & debt advice. Care Fees & protection. I’m a trustworthy IFA. Complete MOT of your finances on offer! Also cash flow planning ie when will you run out of money?
  2. Bookkeeping – part qualified CIMA Accountant.
  3. IT Skills – to share with others
  4. Laminating (wipe clean coating) for A4 posters etc
  5. Cooking – dinners, lunches, baking etc
  6. Cooking, Cleaning, washing, ironing, sewing on buttons – good at getting somewhere organised. Home help. Eco cleaning! Can change fuses & plugs etc.
  7. Driver with car – Shopping or can car share for trip to Penrith etc
  8. Professional carpet cleaning.
  9. Eco clean advice – You don’t need to use all those dangerous & expensive chemicals!
  10. Bird watching Walks – I used to work for the RSPB as a volunteer.
  11. B & B or Rent a spare room by the night or week etc.

Wish List

  1. Tap in bathroom fixing properly.
  2. Fitting of a Woodburner & plumbing in off back boiler possibly
  3. Mill laid clearance – I need a hand & to borrow some fishing waders.
  4. Replacing new light fittings in hall.
  5. Need a Wood store and storm porch

Can we work something out?

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